Broken crayons still color

A crayon breaks and it becomes broken. But just because a crayon is broken, doesn’t mean it can’t color anymore. The same goes for broken dreams, broken hearts, fractured friendships and broken wings.

Everyone has the opportunity to leave their mark in this world. Too often, however, just as broken crayons are discarded and deemed of no use, many of you broken by misfortunes choose to sideline yourselves and accept defeat.

Many who have lost their flame to persevere during their school years, have lost their sense of direction; following a lifeless routine and trying to get by.

Dear ones, just because you go through life and fail, doesn’t mean you won’t get back up. Just because you lose something you thought you never would, doesn’t mean you won’t go on.

Broken crayons still do color. So go gather your colors, one by one, however imperfect it appears. With them you have the power to start redrawing the masterpiece of YOU.



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