MAS Education Institute

MAS Education Institute (MEI) is one of the UAE’s leading Education Institutes that offers post-graduate, undergraduate and professional education in the UAE.

MAS Education Institute boasts of its unmatched affordable courses and flexible payment plans to its students with top quality education whilst maintaining international quality, environmental, health and safety standards.

Since our inception in 1999 MAS Education institute has strived to provide the highest level of quality in education. Our high quality service and teaching are evident at the heart of the dynamic approach to graduate education.

Looking at business decisions in a new way, we have partnered prestigious international universities such as Lincoln University College Malaysia to provide undergraduate and post graduate degrees by spotting trends, seeing situations from a global perspective.

Furthermore the esteemed faculty members provide unmatched and reliable educational services to students and the MAS Education Institute to be the best Graduate Business institute in the UAE.

We diligently pursue excellence to deliver value to our customers by establishing a culture that empowers and supports our team members to maintain world-class performance.

With our dedicated faculty of qualified professionals, programming, and state of the art facilities, our journey over the past 20 years has given us a proven track record of excellence, allowing us to achieve new milestones in making quality education accessible to all


MAS Education Institute's vision is to be the most reputable and trusted provider of high quality education with its exceptionally affordable courses and flexible payment plans to its students.


MAS Education Institute's mission is to provide high quality education to students while encouraging parents with every income level to have affordable courses with unmatchable easy payment plan, to benefit their children to achieve educational success. Furthermore, our expert faculty members provide flexible and excellent professional career opportunities for educators in international communities, instilling the knowledge, skills, and character necessary for success in the 21st century.