Why MBA?

A Master in Business Administration differs from other graduate business degrees. The degree is designed to help you think more as a manager should- critically, strategically and globally.

MBA gives you the confidence and capability to network with people in position of power and influence. It gives you greater exposure with people of different backgrounds/walks of life.

You can expect to learn business skills like- the fundamentals of finance and how it ties to business. You can learn about business strategies, ethics, the importance of developing human talent, business sustainability and other important concepts that help organization succeed.

MBA gives you lasting business value.


Your academic success is our highest priority at MAS Education Institute.

From the start of your program, we along with Bharathiar University, ensure that the resources are available to help you reach your goal of graduation.

The course investigates the way that managers get things done in an organization, relying on the dynamic process of strategic planning, business development budgeting and operations and how they achieve results.

The concepts and skills needed to manage effectively under constantly changing conditions are identified. The course emphasizes the fundamentals of micro and macro management and the elements of business decision making from an economic viewpoint. It reviews the managers’ skills at influencing the direction and functioning of an organization and the links to employee performance.

There are 27 specializations available in the MBA programs:

  1. M.B.A (General)
  2. M.B.A (Financial Management)
  3. M.B.A (Hospital Management)
  4. M.B.A (Export Management)
  5. M.B.A (Entrepreneurship)
  6. M.B.A (Financial Services)
  7. M.B.A (Human Resource Management)
  8. M.B.A (International Business)
  9. M.B.A (Information System Management)
  10. M.B.A (Retail Management)
  11. M.B.A (Tourism and Hotel Management)
  12. M.B.A (Investment Management)
  13. M.B.A (Marketing Management)
  14. M.B.A (Services Management)
  15. M.B.A (Project Management)
  16. M.B.A (Technology Management)
  17. M.B.A (Aviation Management)
  18. M.B.A (Airline and Airport Management)
  19. M.B.A (Shipping and Port Management)
  20. M.B.A (Health Care Management)
  21. M.B.A (Shipping and Logistics Management)
  22. M.B.A (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
  23. M.B.A (Customer Relationship Management)
  24. M.B.A (Costing and Financial Management)
  25. M.B.A (Disaster Management)
  26. M.B.A (Banking and Finance Management)
  27. M.B.A (Event Management)
  28. M.B.A (Material Management)


  • 2 Years ( 9 Modules each)

Minimum Skill Level Required

  • The minimum skill level required to apply for the MBA Program is a valid University degree certificate.


  • MBA From Bharathiar University.


  • Affordable pricing with convenient payment plans.

Learning Outcome

  • Perform fundamental activities of a business.
  • Communicate effectively in a business setting
  • Navigate global strategic issues facing an organization.
  • Apply ethical reasoning to business settings.
  • Understand and apply business analytics in business decision making.

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