RN Based Preparatory Programs

After gaining employment in nursing, you will discover there are lots of opportunities to progress in your nursing career and specialize further.

The demand for employment of RN has proved to grow much faster than the average for all other occupations.

In order to begin your nursing career and practice nursing in the UAE, you are required to have a nursing experience of over 2 years outside UAE and get your documents ready through the data flow process under the UAE ministry.

Once you successfully process through the data flow system, you obtain a date to write the exam and pass the assessment set forth in the UAE.

We help you get the documents ready and prepare you for the RN Exam.

In order to begin with your nursing career in US or Canada, you are required to pass the RN exam there.

We prepare you to write the RN exam in US/Canada. We also prepare you for OET, which is your pathway to Australia/New Zealand