Regular Tuition Programs

Our tutoring classes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths begin with detailed and thorough explanation of the subject.

The program is focused on intensive learning, empowering children to reach their potential.

The training is conducted by subject experts in accordance with the school curriculum lesson path.

Revision of current topics at school and practice from model test papers are made to equip students answer the exams with high precision and accuracy.

The tuition program is designed such that every student receives personal attention. Worksheets and lesson plans are based on the assesments made at each level.

The tutor further helps students solve questions. Any mistakes or lack of understanding is addressed immediately.

The students are then made to solve the worksheet under the tutor’s guidance.

The tutoring program aims to build a strong background for children, strengthening their ability and logical reasoning of concepts.

We at MAS Education Insitute partner with the students in maximizing the student’s long term success and helping them acheive maximum long term educational success with increased motivation and confidence.